Citizenship by Investment
St Lucia Flag

Saint Lucia

Citizenship From USD 100,000

Key Benefits

  • The Saint Lucia passport gives you access to 130 countries worldwide without the need to apply for a visa
  • Newly launched program, highly attractive
  • Aspirational destination
  • Low cost of entry
  • Fast processing under four months
  • Dependent children under 25 and dependant parents over 65 may be included
  • No residence or trip to Saint Lucia required

Key Requirements

  • Make a prescribed investment in one of four options:
    • Make a non-refundable contribution to the National Economic Fund for a minimum of US$100,000
    • Make an investment in selected real estate for a minimum of US$300,000. This must be held for at least five years
    • Make an investment in government bonds for a minimum of US$500,000 for a minimum of five years
    • Make an investment in business, specifically in approved enterprise projects for a minimum of US$3,500,000, and create a minimum of three jobs. Two investors can invest US$6,000,000 and create a minimum of six jobs
  • Clear due diligence checks

You can include your spouse, all dependent children up to the age of 18, dependants between 18 and 25 if they supported by the main applicant, and parents aged over 65 if they are living with and supported by the main applicant. Each additional applicant carries further costs; Kilton Capital will provide you with full and detailed quotes.

Applicants must not pose a national security threat or be likely to bring Saint Lucia into disrepute. They must not have been under security investigation, must have a clean criminal record, and must complete all applications forms accurately.

Saint Lucia may be your passport to the world.

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