Citizenship by Investment
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EU Citizenship From EUR 1,150,000

Citizenship of Malta is highly desirable and gives you access to all that the EU has to offer. It is stable, attractive, respected and aspirational.

Key Benefits

  • The Malta passport gives you access to 169 countries worldwide without the need to apply for a visa
  • You may live, work and settle anywhere in the EU
  • Very high standards of due diligence, very secure
  • Attractive investment and business opportunities
  • Open to any other nationalities worldwide

Key Requirements

  • Make a contribution to Malta‘s National Development and Social Fund of EUR 650,000. This is non-refundable
  • Complete a property transaction. You may either purchase immovable property for at least EUR 350,000 or lease a property for at least EUR 16,000 per year. Both must be held for at least five years
  • Be in possession of global health insurance with coverage of a minimum of EUR 50,000 for the main applicant and every dependants
  • Invest a minimum of EUR 150,000 in Malta, in a range of passive options, for at least five years
  • Have legal residence in Malta for at least 12 months before a citizenship application can be completed
  • Clear due diligence checks
  • Government fees, due diligence fees, and application costs apply

You can include your spouse, all dependent children up to the age of 18, dependants between 18 and 26 if they are unmarried and supported by the main applicant, and parents aged over 55 if they are supported by the main applicant. Each additional applicant carries further costs; Kilton Capital will provide you with full and detailed quotes.

The applicant must also prove genuine ties to Malta, and have had legal residence in Malta for at least 12 months. Ties may include local memberships and involvements with clubs and charities, for example.

Malta may be your passport to the world.

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