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Dual Citizenship

Kilton Capital can open the world with Citizenship by Investment. Many countries now allow you legally to become a full citizen or resident in return for a financial investment. Our experienced team will support and advise you every step of the way until you achieve your goal.

What Is a Second Citizenship?

The worlds‘ top investors and entrepreneurs know that the world has more to offer them today than ever before. The most desirable equities today are security, freedom and mobility. In order to achieve these goals, the most successful individuals know that they need to expand not only their investment portfolios, but their citizenship and residence portfolios. Owning more than one residence or citizenship is today the pinnacle of aspiration. You, your family and your descendants can achieve security and freedom simply and easily.


There are now a number of countries around the world who offer citizenship or residence in exchange for an investment of one form or another into their country. These programs are legal, secure, and carefully managed. Only the respectable and reputable may apply. For the majority of the citizenship programs, no prior residence is required, and a new passport may be achieved simply and quickly by a quality investor.


Being in possession of multiple residence and citizenships gives a huge range of unmatched benefits. The option to travel on a choice of residence or citizenship documents opens up the world. It will save time, money, and hassle. You rise above travel problems caused by political or regional instability. International business figures access new markets. Your family may settle in a dream location, and become safer and more secure. Financial and tax planning suddenly becomes much more flexible. Access to world-class healthcare becomes available. Your family may benefit for generations ahead.


Kilton Capital is the world’s leading expert on residence and citizenship programs. We will explore your current situation and desired outcome thoroughly before recommending the best possible options for you and your family. Our many delighted customers, now enjoying the fruits of the world, are testament to our skills at not only advising on the best options, but delivering a successful application in the quickest time possible. We work with all the relevant government teams and have detailed experience of the processes of all of our programs. Our experienced team will support you and advise every step of the way until you achieve your goals. The World Is Yours.

What Are the Main Benefits?

  • Independence – Option to travel or relocate anytime
  • Investment – Second or multiple citizenships may introduce previously unknown investment opportunities and estate planning
  • Quality of Life – Includes clean environment, climate, healthcare, personal security, transport, etc
  • Safety – Permanent option to go to; permanent right to reside. Freedom to move when faced with criminal activity, hostility and threats
  • Visa Free Travel – Quick and hassle-free access to other countries (no lengthy visa-application processes)


 Visa-Free TravelResidence RequirementTime to CitizenshipNature of InvestmentMinimum Investment Amount for a Sole Applicant
Antigua and Barbuda1355 days in 5 years3-4 monthsDonation or Real Estate or BusinessDonation $100,000
Real Estate $400,000
Business $1.5M
Canada1722 years in 5 years3-4 yearsGovernment BondBond C$ 800,000
Cyprus1596 months legal residence before grant of citizenship6 monthsReal Estate or Business Asset or Financial Asset €2M
Dominica122No2-3 monthsDonation or Real EstateDonation$100,000
Real Estate $200,000
Grenada127No3-4 monthsDonation or Real EstateDonation $200,000
Real Estate $350,000
Malta1691 year legal residence before grant of citizenship1 yearDonation and Government Bond and Real EstateDonation €650,000
Bond €150,000
Real Estate €350,000
Portugal1737 days the first year, 14 days the subsequent years6 yearsScientific or Artistic or Real Estate or Business or Capital AssetScientific €350,000
Artistic €250,000
Real Estate €500,000
Business €500,000
Capital Asset €1M
St Kitts and Nevis139No2-3 monthsDonation or Real EstateDonation $150,000 -until March 30th
Real Estate $400,000
St Lucia130No3-4 monthsDonation or Government Bond or Real EstateDonation $100,000
Bond $500,00
Real Estate $300,000
United Kingdom175Absence of no more than 180 days in any 12 months to qualify for PR.6 yearsGovernment BondBond £2M
United States1741 day a year5-6 yearsRC ProjectRC Project $500,000
Thailand73NoNot applicableDonationDonation ฿500,000 to ฿2,140,000

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