Citizenship by Investment
Dominica Flag


Citizenship From USD 100,000

Key Benefits

  • The Dominica passport gives you access to 122 countries worldwide without the need to apply for a visa
  • Citizenship of a beautiful Caribbean country
  • Safe and secure location
  • Attractive tax regime
  • No residence requirement

Key Requirements

  • Make a prescribed investment in one of two options:
    • Make a non-refundable contribution to a Government Fund for a minimum of US$100,000
    • Make an investment in selected real estate for a minimum of US$200,000. This must be held for at least three years
  • Clear due diligence checks

You can include your spouse, all dependent children up to the age of 18, dependants between 18 and 30 if they are a full-time student and supported by the main applicant, and parents aged over 55 if they are living with and supported by the main applicant. Each additional applicant carries further costs; Kilton Capital will provide you with full and detailed quotes.

Dominica may be your passport to the world.

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